Holistic Counselling

I offer a heart-centred approach to healing trauma and developing emotional wellbeing.

Working with body-based psychotherapy, integrating mindfulness and artistic therapies, deep levels of change arise through the awareness and energetic transformation that occurs.

Discover that you are more than an accumulation of your life stories to date. Discover a sacred space within, the place of your potential, from which you can greet yourself and your world.

A standard session is 2hrs. Within 1-6 sessions you may resolve your current issue. You may then choose to return to sessions in the future to build your potential as you find your life changes when freed of the earlier problems.

Sessions can be supported with self care activities if you wish. I offer personal training in these activities based on Transformative Mindfulness, Dru Yoga and Somatic Meditation.

Vibrational essences will also be offered to support your development throughout the counselling sessions.

This holistic approach is suitable for many conditions we experience in life.

Stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger, relationship issues, mid-life transition or crisis, recovery from abuse, freedom from addictions and more.

However my focus is not your labelled condition, my focus is your personal experience of your life, as it is for you, right now.

If you do have an official diagnosis please tell me, so we can be respectful of that also.